Anyone who is a personal trainer can probably attest to the fact that whenever you see another trainer speaking with a client; you almost instinctively will want to open at least one ear and listen to what is being said while doing your own thing. Sometimes it's just fun to listen to how other trainers talk with their clients that we can all relate to. Sometimes you hear things that just make you want to laugh because it is something we have all had to say. And I will admit that even sometimes I'll hear something new that's a different way of saying something that I've never used before. This time I heard something I couldn't believe was being said by the trainer...let alone to a potential client!

Before I get to what was said, I want to paint the picture so you understand that this client had just finished what was more than likely their free session after joining and they were near the desk going over training packages. Low and behold with little surprise, the trainer started with pitching an entire years package...but that's not what was least to me anyways. Most gyms will force their trainers to start with the longest and most expensive packages.

This trainer began with talking about the benefits of committing to a year with them to "guarantee" lasting results; (which let's be honest) lasting results are never a guarantee, but that's besides the point. In addition the trainer started asking them motivational questions on a scale of 1 to 10 you could tell were scripted right from the book. After the client had given the guided response the trainer replied with what blew me away. The trainers response to the client saying they were at an 8, without missing a beat they said...

"That's a great answer because if you're not able to give me at least a 7; I wouldn't want to be stuck with you for a year either."

The client appeared surprised by the answer, and 100% in my opinion rightly so. Another huge surprise here; they didn't buy even another single session with them.

So now that you know the short backstory here we go. Even if this client in a hypothetical scenario was either (a) an previous client returning (b) a new client they had been working for a while or (c) list any scenario. This response is unacceptable and did absolutely nothing to motivate that individual. Every trainer working in the industry today that wishes to build a clientele base that stays committed should realize and understand one thing.

Your client is a person too, and once you get them to train with you they only have one job.

Everything else is your job and that includes motivating them. There is not a single trainer out there working today who has ever had a client that at one point or another hasn't lost motivation. Let alone if they are training with you for anything over 3 months which is the minimum studies will show you a person needs to commit to in order to make positive changes in lifestyle habits. Any trainer worth the sweat they expect you to leak on the floor should be able to take anyone who is even 1 and sell them training, and here's why.

"They were motivated enough to join a gym and that means they want results and you are the professional in this environment." Besides, scales are bullshit and motivation is purely subjective.

Whether the client said this or not; what they were thinking in their head was "Great, the moment I lose motivation this person won't want to be my trainer anymore and I will be right back at the start after spending x amount of dollars." The professional way in which motivation should be raised with your clients and potential clients alike is by asking something like...

"What are some factors which make you lose motivation towards getting what you want?"

Finding out what makes your client lose motivation is always more important than just reaffirming to yourself that they are. I mean by all rights they are sitting right in front of you in person so the motivation should already be assumed. By asking your potential client "if they are" gives them a subconscious out and you must really love having to tackle objections. Another benefit from talking about motivation this way addresses what is usually lacking in personal training which is making it personal.

Asking them what has hurt their motivation before in the past shows that (a) you actually give a shit and (b) that you understand that it's normal for people to lose motivation and it's nothing to be ashamed of because they have YOU to pick them up on the days they aren't.

While it's true that no trainer can guarantee lasting results, what we can promise is that with understanding and making the personal training personal; we can get our clients to be more honest with us. Doing this believe it or not is what will keep them continuing to train even after they have hit their goal(s).

What will shut the door to this open honesty and ultimately you making more money quicker than anything is giving them the impression that you are ready to judge them based off something everyone deals with; and if they aren't 100% committed they are wasting your time. Remember they are willing to pay you for your time and expertise; and that is never a waste of your time.

Think differently and I assure you, that is never motivational for your client, that is not professional and most importantly that is not what personal training is about.
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